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why the scene is dead [Feb. 14th, 2005|09:49 pm]

you dont have to read this. its just a conversation me and rich had about why i hate you all soooo fucking much.

youve been warnedCollapse )
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one more chance [Feb. 11th, 2005|02:35 pm]

okay heres the deal.

ill keep crush 44 going on one condition.

at PHS battle of the bands the show must rock that means:

1. Pepsi - you will practice, and not suck

2. Chris - you are going to play! if your home, and not suck

3. everyone is the crowd must go crazy, like im talking you! standing at the edge of the stage, sinigng along. OR you may dance silly dances. i want someone to shout out song names. all that good stuff.

so yeah thats it, cmon guys YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!
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(no subject) [Feb. 7th, 2005|11:09 pm]
[I feel |blahblah]
[The stuff I hear now |AntiFlag - 911 for Peac]

Hey all you crazy Crush 44 fans....

let Waz know you want him to finish the Crush 44 Comic he started all thoes years ago...
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ELECTRO POP 4 LIFE!! [Feb. 3rd, 2005|07:38 am]

[I feel |home]
[The stuff I hear now |the doors]

umm, looking to do an all electro-pop show with some cool bands i know. basically the line up would be
Crush 44, chico y chico, math the band, and the cheat. if anyone knows anyother bands that use, synths, drum machines, sequencers, robots, lemme know and they can be added no problem.

next up is the venue, id love to do the Area *cough* ryan get to work *cough*. but i hear the community hall is open for shows again. this can be super fun, dance party extreme. but, as we all know. not too many people enjoy electro pop... so fuck you, YOURE NOT INTVITED.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, yeah dont leave annonymous comments bitch. its NOT cool. why didnt you just tell me you hated my band, instead of pretending. YEAH YOURE REAL FREAKING COOL.

sorry, bout that. so yeah lemme know if anyone is interested.

if not then we can jsut have a normal show, with... ska bands....
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(no subject) [Jan. 31st, 2005|08:28 am]

crush 44 sucks
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XD [Jan. 23rd, 2005|09:10 pm]

[I feel |FUCK YEAH]
[The stuff I hear now |new crush 44 songs]

She was girl
She was a cute girl
We met online the other day
we talked of video games and favorite movies
shes the perfect girl in everyway
So i say "lets get together, play some gamecube and go make out"
I was nervous, but her answer
made me wanna jump and shout

She said XD
made me so happy
i think she loves me

So now this girl is over my house
we're all alone lying on me bed
you wont belive what she did next
she leaned over to me and said
"Hey Adam, whadda ya say? Think you can take me in soul calibur 2"
I laughed out loud and said
"Hey girl, if you wanna mess imgonna pwn joo"

She said XD
made me so happy
i think she loves me

And so it went, what do i say?
she beat me so bad i nearly cried
She said dont feel bad, its not your fault
I play games all day and never go out side
Im jsut a dork, who likes star wars
how can anyone like a girl like me?
I said "I LOVE YOU!,
i dont beliveits true, you are the girl of my dream
we were meant to be!!"

She said XD
made me so happy
i think she loves me

So the story goes, were still together
were playing warcraft everyday
we sit side by side, huggin and kissin
so super happy in every single way
when we get older, if we have children
we'll name em mario, samus, and link

She said XD
made me so happy
i think she loves me

She said XD
made me so happy
i think she loves me

thats the title track of the new EP, XD. it should be done shortly. if anyone wants to help with printing or burning lemme know.
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Show No? [Jan. 20th, 2005|10:07 pm]

[The stuff I hear now |Jane's Addiction]

I'm surprised the brains behind this operation didn't post it to his community, but I think Crush44 is playing at the coffee house tomorrow night(Friday the 21st). Maybe it was a last minute thing but details on Waz's journal.
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You know what makes me smile? [Jan. 20th, 2005|08:38 am]

[I feel |amusedamused]
[The stuff I hear now |Epson 2400 Clanking]

You know what makes me happy? The Flaming Lips. Not because they rock hard. But because they rock hard while wearing a giant bunny suit in thier music video.

that makes me smile.

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(no subject) [Jan. 19th, 2005|07:01 pm]

[The stuff I hear now |at the drive in]

okay kids.

crush 44 need a student from mhs to play guitar or something any instrument really so that crush 44 can play the:

battle of the bands @ mhs feb 11th

not sure what time call me 846-4497 for info

tell all your friends.


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(no subject) [Jan. 13th, 2005|11:41 pm]

hey neat!
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